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To Find Out The Password…

Posted by coolcoolkid on March 4, 2007

To find out the password, go on the BIGFOOT SERVER, in the DOJO at 16:30 Penguin Standard Time.

I will be there as Cool coolkid.


38 Responses to “To Find Out The Password…”

  1. notherwise said

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  2. yawn

  3. blackgangcheats said

    Go to my website

  4. decabc123 said

    you can only go to the dojo if your penguin hs a spy phone

  5. blackgangcheats said

    Go 2 my wordpress

  6. Nana said

    i have got website which is to find people’s password, but now i forgot the website. Who can teel me?

  7. Chelsea De Pasquale said


  8. shadow8496 said


  9. cookie7006 said

    u were not there

  10. Apple said

    You can try Password Genius. It works for me.

    Check this out:

  11. jack said

    this is so cool lol i like yo man i hate nothing clubpengiun rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Farmville said


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  14. how to reset password on windows…

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  15. Club Penguin Help…

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  17. Hello There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. This is a very well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your helpful info. Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.

  18. waddles03 said

    How to get all the newspapers to stand up in the Boiler Room on Club Penguin:

    Go in to the boiler room on CP and click on the newspapers. Drag the back newspaper to the one in front of it, then drag that newspaper to the one in front of it, and so on until you have all the newspapers standing up

  19. waddles03 said

    Finding Fred the Cuckoo Clock:

    Did you know that there is a yellow bird named Fred who appears every 30 minutes on Club Penguin at the Ski Lodge? Fred pops out of the Cuckoo clock every thirty minutes. For example, he comes at 12:00PM, then on 12:30PM, then at 1:00PM, etc.

  20. waddles03 said

    Spin the Clock Tower:

    Almost every penguin knows that if you go to the Snow Forts and throw a snowball at the red target it will spin around.

  21. waddles03 said

    Club Penguin Candle Cheat

    Did you know that when you are at the Ski Lodge, the candle can be lit and unlit by hovering over it?

  22. waddles03 said

    Cash Register Cheat:

    Did you know that if you hover over the Cash Register in the pizza parlour moey will pop up?

  23. waddles03 said

    Jumping Puffle at the Night Club

    At the Night Club, there is a green puffle on top of the speaker near the door to the Dance Lounge. If you hover over it, it will jump up!

  24. waddles03 said

    New Gift Shop Roll-overs:

    Did you know about the 2 roll-overs at the new Gift Shop? If you hover your mouse over the cash register, it will jump out and a dollar will pop out. If you hover your mouse over the object with items on, it will spin around.

  25. waddles03 said

    Club Penguin Hidden Lake Entrance

    Did you know that you can go to the hidden lake on Club Penguin by going to the Forest and then hovering over the boulder covering the entrance?

  26. waddles03 said

    Third Cart Surfer Cart

    If you hover over the area where you click to play Cart Surfer, you will see a third cart appear.

  27. waddles03 said

    miling tree at the Cove

    Have you noticed the fact that one of the trees at the Cove has a smile on it?

  28. waddles03 said

    Below are complete tips and cheats to getting tons of Club Penguin coins to the game Aqua Grabber. You can play Aqua Grabber in Club Penguin at the Iceberg.

  29. waddles03 said

    When starting Aqua Grabber, you can pick 2 levels to play in, either Calm Waters or Soda Seas. The Soda Seas level is members only.

  30. waddles03 said

    Bring your Pink Puffle with you to the game Aqua Grabber. The pink puffle saves you oxygen, which means water gets in the Aqua Grabber slower than normally.

  31. waddles03 said

    While playing Calm Waters, you need to remember that you need to get a lot of bubbles to stay alive for a longer time, to find the main treasure.

  32. waddles03 said

    You must find all of the Clams in the water, and take the pearls from them by pressing the spacebar. The best time to take the pearl from the clam would be when its mouth is opened at the fullest.

  33. waddles03 said

    If you disturb the clam while it is awake, it will jump and not go back to sleep for a while.

  34. waddles03 said

    Getting the Black Pearl:

    One special clam out of all the other clams will have a special black pearl which earns you a bonus at the end of the level.

  35. waddles03 said

    Here is where to find each clam:

    The first clam is at the lower left of the net.
    To find the 2nd clam, dive below the net and turn to the lower left when you see a yellow coral.
    To find the 3rd clam, go directly down from the 2nd clam.
    To find the 4th clam, go to the right of the 3rd clam, and rise up right before the red coral.
    To find the last clam, go down from the 4th clam, and go back up after the red coral.

    All of these pearls and 1 rock will give you extra coins. After you have grabbed all of the pearls, go to the very bottom of the water, and to the far left. There, you will spot the giant clam, and in it’s mouth will be the giant pearl.

  36. waddles03 said

    Make sure you have the pearls and the rock, and put the rock in the clam’s mouth. Then retrieve the giant pearl.

  37. waddles03 said

    After you have the pearl, take it to the very top and put it in the net.

  38. waddles03 said

    Spotting the Giant Squid:

    During the game, if you spot the Giant Squid you will earn the Squid Spotter stamp. The Giant Squid pops up once every 10 – 20 tries. You can only spot it on Clam Waters near the bottom.

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